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“To createEnterprise Core Values by commit to technology Innovation”Guan Yangchun,
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        Recently, intelligent spinning has become more and more popular, cheese intelligent packaging is one of important part. Hicorp Group initiates the unmanned cheese intelligent packaging system by self researching and development in domestic, which has really realized multi-packaging based on customer’s need.

        Now, many famous Brand enterprises such as Ningxia Ruyi,Bros,Weiqiao,Sanhe,Texhong xinjiang, etc.chose Hicorp’s packaging system.
What is the advantage?
How about running status in customer’s site?
How to evaluate the system?



        Although Hicorp’s big quantity orders has be ranged from this month to 1st season of 2019, the Chairman Guan still considers how to make the “Made in China” stronger and powerful and how to contribute more to Chinese Economy.

        Recently, the news of trade friction between China and America, has strengthened his ambition to the manufacturing industry. “We clearly realized that master the core technology is the last word. Enterprise must innovate for ever. Only the master core technology can China truly embark on the road to recovery” Said Guan.


Differentiated products to meet individual needs

        Continued sales boom in 2017, 2018, the orders had been arranged until 1st season of 2019 by increased 40% compared with that in 2017. The differentiated products together with increased percentage technology of products helped us boom the market.



        “Hicorp Group’s Roving frame and BTS has almost little difference compared with Import facilities in manufacturing, However, Hicorp’s facilities are more suitable for local market.”Evaluated by Customers.

        Chairman Guan said that Hicorp Group has been adhering to the concept of highly standardized production to meet the individual needs of customers. CMT1801 has exceed 2000 set/suit from 2009 which has total over 10,000,000 spindles. We have multi differentiated mode such Lutai Mode, Sunvi Mode,etc. Just like measure before tailored, that is why customer is so satisfied with us.

        The return of investment is very quickly within 4 year even less shorter time. “The year 2018 is themilestone for Intelligent roving frame with BTS exceed traditional roving machines. This speed seems a bit unbelievable, but it is inevitable, because this product represents the direction of the transformation and upgrading in spinning companies. The hot sales of our products have benefited from the superior performance of leading global markets. The design concept of meet the individual needs of customers with a higher degree of standardization and modularization has made them not only to choose high-end spinning at home and abroad, but also in overseas markets we complete with European counterparts in the same stage. A number of overseas market share had exceed more than 50%." Guan said proudly.


Never forget initial thought

        Guan told Chinese Spinning Reporter that to provide best product and service is our initial idea. In fact, our mature products - roving machine, BTS in spite of all aspects have been very stable, but still continues to improve and enhance, and strives to be more diversified to a higher level. Hicorp people are committed to using new technologies and new ideas to solve problems for customers. The customer's pain points (employment issues, quality issues and efficiency issues) are the direction of our improvement and innovation. Hicorp people continues to learn from customers, learn from competitor and learn from advanced companies.Because the core value philosophy of Hicorp: learning, innovation, and pioneer is the most important part of Hicorp’s core value concept.


Culture condenses cohesion

        In recent years, Hicorp Group has entered a period of maturity incorporate culture management. In order to realize the "Creating a Century Hicorp"mission, Guan proposed a corporate culture strategy for the construction of "Three Items of quality" (Enterprise quality, products quality, and Hicorp people quality and character) projects: Character requestsus to become a respected Hicorp people; Product quality requests us to manufactureproducts that are trusted by customers; Enterprise quality requests us to build world-class companies to be respected. Hicorp Group’s “Three projects” is a series whose core lies in the promotion of Hicorp people. It not only includes the construction of teams and groups dedicated to the promotion of Hicorp people literacy, and the “double advancement” of departmental construction, but also includes the promotion of Hicorp people qualities, becoming a respected Hicorp peoplebyqualified product, love your job, be competent for your job, through perfect product to interpret the first-class character and so on. “The team construction is to improve the quality of the first-line staff, and the department building is dedicated to improving the management staff's quality. Our request is to 'new height level service and sincerely service. This is fully compatible with the Hicorp after-sales service concept.” said Guan.

        “Over the past few years, Hicorp Group has consociated and formed a unified thinking, that is following the trend. All things that affect the environment in production process will be banned in source. Constant optimization and continuous innovation are fundamental to the vitality of Hicorp’s products. The difficulties and pain points of customers are the direction of perfection and innovation of us.At present, we are also faced with a crisis of talents and lack of knowledge structure, professional structure, intelligent technology and information technology, which requires us to introduce talents and open platforms. With the globalization, global vision and global resources, we will occupy global market. We have global cultural confidence and global development confidence. Hicorp people have always attached importance to the quality of development and joined forces. It is also a century long-termHicorp’s development concept, said Guan Yangchun. 

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