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Hicorp attended 2018 Technology Upgrade Seminar for cotton spinning machinery
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        In 7th June, over 400 representatives from spinning enterprises and relative companies attended 2018 China Technology Upgrade Seminar for cotton spinning machinery hosted by China Spinning machinery association and China cotton spinning industry in Tai’An Shandong. Guo jiayang, representative of Hicorp, attended and attracted wast attention by addressing “Future trending and recently situation of cheese yarn intelligent packaging logistic system.”

        Hicorp’s cheese intelligent packaging logistic system leading the world by many initiates which adopts domestic situation and has became first selection for upgrade enterprise for increasing competition by reducing cost and increasing quality of product.

        “Available, accessible, affordable” is the basic standard when we R&D and manufacture this intelligent device. It is a new accessible way to realize digital and industrialization by promotion and application of the intelligent package logistics system. Now lot of world brand spinning mill selected the system such as carton packaging in WeiQiao, woven bag packaging in Huaxing, woven bag packaging for open end yarn in Ningxia Ruyi, hot shrinkable film packaging inTexhong Xinjiang, winding film in An’hui huamao, etc. Hicorp Had become a world intelligence card to globalization.

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