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The company's second quarter of 2018 star service staff advanced story broadcast
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        Based on regulation of “quarter star service staff evaluation” and comprehensive evaluation on installation and maintenance engineers, textile company selects Yang qinghua,Yang linbin and Xu enmin as second quarter of 2018 star service staff.
        They always think of the company as priority, work conscientiously, and carry forward the
spirit of “new high,sincere service” and keep the company's 7S management requirements as the standard. The tools and accessories can be positioned and placed neatly, and strictly to ensure customer's requirements. It is highly appreciate and won honor for our company. Let’s together ton their story.

Roving talent-Yang qinghua

        Yang qinghua is a complicated engineer for install roving machine and bobbin transportation system.


Left one is Yang qinghua

        After short break from Xinjiang, Yang accept instruction to Vietnam with no hesitation. He deserves our respect, we will learn from and praise him.

Roving father Yang linbin

        Yang linbin win this name by his versatile, and settle down all kinds of difficult of roving for customer.


Yang linbin on-site

        His spoken English is very good and had been to many countries. He brought Hicorp spirit to all over world.

Xu enmin - Good at summarize and glad to share

        As air jet loom service engineer, Xun goes abroad all years. He knows that every order is hard to gain. He pay attention to each detail, each screws, each spare part are always in correct position. According to the geographical environment, fabric organization and personnel, each corresponding adjustments are made to maximize to improve efficiency.


        In service process, he record each failure, and the places where problems often occurin the notebook one by one, brought back to study and analyze with colleagues, continue to improve. He said: What I can give back to the company is to spread and share my experience.
        To become a respectable Hicorp person, to made products that are trusted by customers, and create a world-class enterprise that is respected by customers. The service star engineer is the pioneer of this project. Learn from them, praise them. Promote "two constructions" and implement the "three-characters project" to become a respected Hicorp people.

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