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Hicorp Held the 8th Session of “Hicorp Cup” Chess Competition in 2018
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        Hicorp held the 8th session of “Hicorp Cup” chess competition at canteen room in the afternoon of 23rd Aug, there were about 30 chess enthusiasts attended the competition who were from Logistics, Branches and Divisions, and there were also 10 checkers enthusiasts joined in the contest.



        Based on the principles of “Friendship First, Competition Second”, the chess competition was innovated the rules, it was included four matches in preliminaries, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. After fierce competition, the player Zhao Baodian from Textile Machinery Branch Company won the champion, the Second and Third were won by Ding
Ruijun from Textile Machinery Branch Company and An Chuanjiang from Auto Parts Company. Ding Zhibao from Textile Machinery had leading excellent performance at preliminary and quarter-final, but was defeated by An Chaunjiang at the finals, and won the Excellent Prize as the Fourth .

        The competition was also included Checkers , after preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, Tang Xiaomeng from Textile Machinery won the champion , and the Second was Lv Xianyu from Textile Machinery, the Third was Wang Huanxin from Administrative Office.
        Based on the last session of competition, the rules was innovated, Innovation was made in the competition system. In the preliminary contest, a lot was drawn and a game was decided. In the semifinals and finals, a round robin was also adopted. This improved the efficiency, shortened the competition time, increased the fairness of the competition, and everyone played well and enjoyed themselves.All players carried out the core values of “Learning, Cogitation, Innovation , Pioneering”, learned from eachother .

        Our company has always attached great importance to employees’ cultural life, holding chess competitions to relax and enrich our life , creating a platform for employees to meet more friends, expressing our colorful corporate culture.

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