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Hicorp Organized Special Training Activities for Engineers
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        In order to improve the engineers’ quality, guide them to set up the sense of “Leading the industry as pioneer”, promote innovation abilities, become the respectable Hicorp engineers, Hicorp organized special training activities of “Management Improvement” at No.500 training room at 30th Aug, taking the theme of “Leading the industry as pioneer, becoming the respectable Hicorp engineers”. The training was hosted by the General Manager Sun , and there were about 70 engineers from all Group attended this training.



        During training, the General Manager Sun reviewed his working experiences, introduced our achievements and honorary titles to all engineers, Hicorp Group has the National Technical Center, is the model enterprise of Single Champion of Roving Frame affirmed by Ministry of Industry and Information, and also affirmed as intelligence manufacturing model enterprise and Key High-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Program, etc. Our RHD and manufacturing of textile machinery, project and engineering, LNG cylinders has been in the forefront of the same industry, leading the industry as pioneer. Currently, Hicorp has owned international RHD platform, research and development abilities and resources, equipped with the most advanced international research and development equipments and information software, he hoped all the engineers to acknowledge, remember and implement our core values of “Learning, Cogitation, Innovation and Pioneering, to combine learning and working together, to practice skills and learn professional knowledge, to study the most advanced technologies and information, to do the work well and create values to customers, to summary up and self-examination and innovation constantly , to create trustworthy products, to become the respectable Hicorp engineers.



        During training, the General Manager Sun told the story of “Fundamentals for Nourishing Life”, we hope that each of our engineers to keep perseverance and dedication, to take the mission of innovation, to be willing and ready to fulfill responsibilities, to win respect with technology, to achieve Hicorp Dream by innovations, to be dedicated to achieve the vision of “Leading the Industry as Pioneering, Creating Centennial Hicorp”, to become the respectable Hicorp engineers.

        “Learning, Cogitation, Innovation, Pioneering” is the core values of Hicorp, our company has always attached great importance to employees’ learning and training, according to our development strategy, the Training Center was established in 2018, it is aiming to improve our abilities and qualities, to prepare talents for the development, and to lay the talent foundation for the development, to help the centennial development of Hicorp.

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