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Chief Executive Li Fengli of Huangdao District and His Party Visted Hicorp Group
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        The Chief Executive Li Fengli of Huangdao District and his party visited our company in the afternoon on 17 Oct, and the main heads of Management Committee, the Bureau of Industry and Information , Finance Office, and Private Economic Development Bureau joined in the party. Accompanied by our President Guan Yanchun and other Group Leaders, all visited Installation and Machining Departments of Textile Machinery, and Welding and Mould Workshop of Heavy Industry Science & Technology Company.



        Our President explained in details about our business operation situations at workshop , paid more attention to our development conditions in the field of machinery manufacturing. When they watched the production line for segment installation at Mould Workshop, The Chief Executive Li was very interested , watched carefully and enquired some issues such as technological innovation , and took photos with his mobile.


        Under the severe international economic situation, Chief Executive Li highly appraised our innovative management mode that our Group can aim at the high-end market, speed up technological innovation, strengthen management, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprise. At the same time, he and his party researched our problems encountered in the process of development, and made arrangements for them.


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