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“Innovation deserves” Said GM. Zhao from Hicorp
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        HCP2025 intelligent roving frame first launched in ITMA 2018 Asia. It is a new product facing 2025, which has completely changed traditional structure.

First launch ceremony

        G.M. Zhao told sell performance increased significantly from January to September by 30% compared with last year based on innovation and development of oversea market. From May,1st , new order production continues the to the whole year and lasting first quarter of 2019. The exhibition order will arrange to 2nd quarter.

        Why Hicorp continues to public new smart device and what is the secret?
        The answer is continue to innovation.

        Zhao said that Hicorp Group has been committed to the research and development,upgradesmart spinning equipment. In 2009, CMT1801 automatic doffing roving machine was completely public to the market, leading the smart trend of the roving machine industry, and was recognized as a single champion of the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Enterprise. In 2015 cone yarn intelligent packaginglogistics system was public to the market. In 2016, the HCP910 high-speed intelligent air jet looms were launched. In 2017, the HR-01 textile factory intelligent handling robot was released. Hicorp has always on the road of innovation and development to promote the transformation and upgrading of spinning mills.



        In this exhibition, the world-first HCP2025 intelligent roving frame is the proud of new era. The subversive structural design makes it the longest roving machine in the world, and the outstanding advantages indifference spinning. Zhao’s pride is beyond words.

        According to reports, the HCP2025 intelligent roving machine released at the exhibition is the latest generation of intelligent roving machine built by the team of Chinese and foreign experts of Qingdao Global Group for 10 years. It is the CMT1801 automatic doffing roving machine after leading the industry trend for 10 years. Dedicated to the world's first technology, the traditional structure of the roving frame is subverted, and the original structural bottleneck is broken, so that the original longest spindle number (216 spindles) is multiplied and the operation is smarter.

        The number of HCP2025 intelligent roving machine spindles can be up to 432 spindles (small spindle distance 480 spindles), suitable for multi-variety spinning; patented waste flower recycling system, recycling of varieties, improving waste recycling rate; full electronic drafting, cancellation All process gears; the built-in expert database system makes spinning easier; can simultaneously spin two completely different varieties, the combination of varieties is more flexible; the floor space is small, and the employment is effectively reduced; the global cloud and remote operation and maintenance system can achieve no Slotted butt. At present, the product has received nearly one hundred scheduled orders. 


Proactively approaching customers

        Being close to the needs of users and grasping the opportunities brought by intelligent development is another key to Hicorp’s innovation. In recent years, we have been making a fuss innovations in intelligence product.  



        "We are all in the era of change. Transformation and upgrading require the upstream and downstream to move in the opposite direction. We must forward from the past management and operation processes to relatively standardized management. As a equipment manufacturer, we must take the initiative to move forward. Get closer to the customer faster, rather than passively let the customer pull away, so that innovation can play its value and effect." Zhao said.

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