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Hicorp Textile Machinery Awarded “Golden Prize of Textile Industry Patent& First Prize in Science an
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        Science and Technology Education Award Conference of Textile Honor & China Textile Industry Association 2018 was held at People’s Great Hall in Beijing on 5 Dec, and Hicorp was on the list and awarded two prizes. Our patent of “Automatic Packaging Device for Corn Yarn” has won Golden Prize of Textile Industry Patent 2018. The project of “Development and Application of Advanced and Intelligent Technology for Ring Link with High Quality and High Efficiency ”participated by Hicorp Textile Company and Anhui Hua Mao Textile Machinery Company has won the “ First Prize in Science and Technology of Textile Industry Association ”2018.

        According to the regulations of “Science and Technology Award Measures of China Textile Industry Association”, to commend and encourage the collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in promoting the development of China’s textile industry and the progress of science and technology in textile industry. They have been appraised by the Science and Technology Award Evaluation Committee of the China Textile Industry Association, examined by the Science and Technology Award Committee of the China Textile Industry Association, approved by the China Textile Industry Association. A total of 74 patents (16 Golden Awards and 62 Excellent Awards) were selected from the list of “China Textile Industry Patents 2018”, and 113 items were selected by the Science and Technology Awards of China Textile Industry Association 2018 , including 16 first-class awards, 45 second-class awards and 52 third-class awards.

        Our company has always attached great importance to automation and intellectualization development, and participated the in the construction of automation, intellectualization and informationization of Weiqiao Textile Company, Anhui Hua Mao, Shandong Hua Xing and other textile factories, providing equipment, technology and other support.

        Automation, intelligent and information-based manufacturing is the best direction of manufacturing upgrading. As a national high-tech enterprise, in recent years, our company's automation, information and intelligent manufacturing projects have developed vigorously, and products have also changed from "Made in Hicorp " to "Hicorp Intelligent Manufacturing". With the help of national policies, automation industry and intelligent manufacturing will be the most potential industries in the medium and long term, and will also be the new momentum of sustained and healthy economic growth in Hicorp Group.
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