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After-sales service technician Mr.Ren Yilin Hicorp service brand passer for
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        In the eyes of the leaders, he is a "excellent after-sales technician" who is down-to -earth, fluent in foreign languages and super-executive. He always puts the customer's problem first and solves it as priority in time. He serve customer day and night.
        In the eyes of his colleagues, he is a "technical paranoia" who is thoughtful and pursuing excellence. He has been awarded the title of "Advanced Worker" by the group company for many times;
        In the eyes of the customer, he is a “problem terminator” dedicated to work to solve problems completely, so the customer has zero complaints;
        In the eyes of his wife and children, he is a "hurried passenger" who is always work for big family instead of small family. He is busy with work and often has no day and night.
        He is Ren Yili, a highly skilled engineer. Since graduating from university in 2005, he has been a technician in the technical department of Textile Machinery Company for 13 years. He is dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, and has outstanding performance in work. He was named Hicorp group "advanced workers".



Customer's problem priority, and solve it as priority


        At 2 a.m. of August 10, 2018, a customer in Ningxia suddenly had a tough problem, which never happened beforein production line. So he sent a problem video to ask for assistance in the “after-sales service” WeChat group established by the company. Within a few minutes, an engineer responded to the solution and guided step by step and resolved this
little "crisis". When I talked about this afterwards, the customer felt incredible Hicorp’s after-sales engineersalways paying attention to customer service even no sleep at night. This is the feedback from the China Textile News when interviewing customers in Ningxia. Later, the company investigated that the engineer was Ren Yili. In fact, the customer does not know that our technical engineer's mobile phone is serve 24 hours, so as to after-sales WeChat group, in order to solve the actual problem for the customer in the first time.
        Their effortswon high praise from customer domestic and abroad. Even abroad agents praised: "The best after-salesservice in the world."for their greatest recognition.



"Technical paranoia" with thoughtful thoughts and Pursuit of excellence


        Yang Tongtao Director of after-sales service center is full of admiration when talking about Reyili. He uses 16 words to summarize Ren Yili as: "serious and responsible, highly skilled, considerate service, and seeking truth from facts." In his eyes, Ren Yili pursues perfection for technical problems. He dedicates himself in work. He actively communicates with customers at site, andconstantly improves technical level through self- study. Customers have a lot of different requirements and the demand for technology. In order to meet the needs, Ren Yili is often "do as promised, never break his word". During the commissioning in An’hui, Ren Yili suddenly became sick and hospitalized, but in order to meet the requirements of customers to start production as early as possible, in order to produce the 150,000-spindle intelligent textile project as soon as possible, Ren Yili continues debugging inworkshop. Overcoming the technical difficulties, and finally "opening the clouds and seeing the sunny days" ensured the normal production of the equipment, won the high praise from customer, and won the respect of the on-site personnel.



Dedicated to work as"problem terminator


        In the evening of November 5, 2018, rovingmachine emergency problem sent back for help from Sun Haiyun, in Anhui.After receiving letter of help, Ren Yili, who was on a business trip in Vietnam, he immediately put down the work at hand and communicated with Cui Manager of the Technical Department. Remote guide is impossible to conduct on-site inspection. The reason must be started from the beginning without miss any small details. The difficulty of debugging can be imagined. Ren Yili worked overtime to find and solve problems. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the equipment was running normally, and the customer turned to be happy. Ren Yili once again relied on solid technical skills to win the trust of customers. The service concept once again marks the name of HICORP product.


"Hurried passenger" for family


        Ren Yili’s wife, Chen Dongjuan, is also a member of Hicorp. In her eyes, Ren Yili is always on a business trip or going home to work. He always work and work, and he is a full- fledged workaholic. There are 365 days in total in a year. Ren Yili has been on a business trip for more than 200 days. The customer site is more likely to home for Ren Yili. What makes Master Chen red-eyed is that Ren Yili, who was originally on a business trip, had an appointment with her for a few days to go home and take the family out to play, but the plan could not keep up with the changes. The Bangladesh customers had problems to solve immediately. Ren Yili I have been debugging the equipment for 3 months outside. After receiving this urgent task, I have not slacked off, and I have been flying non-stop, and have given up time to reunite with my family and children. Occasionally at home, he often receive customer WeChat information and phone calls in the middle of the night, Ren Yili turned over from the bed to find out the pen and paper to carefully record the customer's problems, patiently and meticulously give customers guidance.



        There are many engineers like Ren Yili in Hicorp. They constantly improve their technical ability, improve their craftsmanship level, pursue the ultimate in technology, and exercise the foundation of the craftsmanship. Coupled with down-to-earth work, see product as a character, it is unique and ingenious. Forward on the road of advancement, endure
loneliness, and be ridiculed. To create a respected international first-class enterprise and produce products trusted by customers.

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